First time in Regent

“Not quite a good decision. They don’t usually fly timely & sometimes cancels flight due to less passengers” one of my friends told me when he heard that I booked air tickets of Regent Airways for my Thai trip from Dhaka. It’s a rising local airline company that already has some negative reviews . I actually looked for the cheapest possible flight for this trip and I chose them. It was less than US$200 for one way. 

I really didn’t have any expectation. I just wanted to reach Bangkok safely. But the airplane was quite good. They were in time and flew timely. It was the same Airbus plane that AirAsia usually fly for their cheap flight. The Inside of the plane was clean. And the Air hostages were friendly except the guy air hostage. He was rude to some people some times. 

As it was a connecting flight that stops Chittagong. They served foods twice. Before it reached in Chittagong, they served sandwich, a sliced cake,candy,fruit juice and water. Actually I should call it burgwitch as it’s sandwiched chicken inside the burger bun. All items are pretty average in taste. 



And second time in between Chittagong to Bangkok flight hour,they served fried rice with chicken curry and vegetables mix which was sour and average in taste. As dessert item they served Roshgolla which was too sweet to ensweeten after any meal and not that tasty . I couldn’t take it after a bite. They also served tea or coffee , but I avoided it. Honestly I had no expectation on the inflight meal of a cheap flight like Regent but it was enough to keep you full until you reach.

So regent arrived safely in subharnobhumi airport Bangkok. The plane take off to the runway was smooth. We are really satisfied with overall inflight service of Regent airways. It may not give you luxury experience but yet worthy service in an affordable price. 

Recommended if you are okay with all these mixed experience. Happy flying.

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