5 things to do in Chiang Mai

In last Six years, I travelled to Thailand for 6 times. First three of them were invited trip. And after that, I keep going at least once in a year. Among all of the places I’ve been in Thailand, Chiang Mai becomes one of the most favorite place. My friends ask me, What makes me love Chiang Mai that much ? Is there any beach or night life like Phuket or Shopping malls or modern lifestyle like Bangkok ? What things I can do there.

I siad, Chiang Mai doesn’t have all of these & that’s what makes this place unique, peaceful & fresh. And these are the five things you should do in Chiang Mai.

1. Coffee hopping :

I call Chiang Mai, The City of Cafes . Trust me, I have never seen so many awesome cafes in one place. You can find them out beside every roads around the city. Small, big, trendy, vintage, hipsta, artistic cafes. Do I need to mention the name of some cafes ? No need to do that. Just walk around the city, find out any cafe and spend your time. Don’t worry. Ching Mai is pretty cheaper than Bangkok.
Okay, I’m recommending few Cafes here.

Akha Ama Cafe | Ristr8to Cafe ( Check out Our Review ) | Rustic & Blue | Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden


2. Rent a bike :

Image by www.queenbeetours.com

Image by www.queenbeetours.com

Whenever you reach Chiang Mai, First thing you should do is to rent a bike. It’s really a bike friendly city. And the best part is, You can find all kind of bikes for rent. From Scooter to Cruiser, From Trail bike to Sport bike, from chopper to adventurer tourer ! Whatever you want. And ride around this walled ancient city or go to mountain biking in Doi Suthep, a popular biking trail.
Though I always prefer automatic scooter. It’s easy to handle and cheap. Only at 200 Baht ( USD$ 5.7 ) for a day and you don’t require license to have it.

Here are few links.

Tony’s Big Bikes | GT Rider | Chiangmai Scooter rental | Chiangmai Cycling

3. Be Vegan :

If you like to be a vegan, Start your journey from Chiang Mai. I’m not a vegan or even vegetarian, And I always thought, Vegan foods are nothing but some boring green lettuce and cabbage until my vegan friend took me to a famous vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai ImmAim Vegetarian & Bike cafe for breakfast. I never knew, Vegan foods can be that much yummy.
If you ever felt bad for your Vegan friend or if you like to try, Find this 10 best Vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai. Have a healthy life ahead.

4. Walk around the city & Visit Temples :


If you enjoy exploring temples, take a half day trip around the city. The best part is, all the famous temples are inside or close to this small city. Half day is enough to explore the most of the it. Just rent a songthaew ( Covered pickup truck ) or Tuktuk for half day trip and explore. Or just walk around the streets of this small walled city.
Some of the famous temples you should visit ,
Wat Chedi Luang | Wat Phra That Doi Suthep | Wat Suan Dok | Wat Mahawan

5. Learn new things :


Keep learning new thing & unlock a new achievement level while traveling. You can learn Cooking, painting, sculpting, language, farming or handicrafts. Trust me. It is much more fun than walking around common ancient tourist places. I learnt to make Clay pottery in InClay Studio Chiang Mai & made my own mug & some friends as well. One of my friend told me about the PunPun Organic farm. Where you have to stay like a villager, Learn to cultivate paddy, vegetables, learn to take care of your plants , learn to cook and eat fresh.

InClay Studio Pottery | Thai Farm Cooking School | PunPun Organic Farm

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