Be vegan at ImmAim

Vegan people miss so many yummy foods. I always felt bad for them, Until I tried Quesadilla from ImmAim Vegetarian And Bike Cafe’ . It was so delicious & off course healthy.
My vegan friend brought us their for breakfast. It’s a small & open restaurant . I met the owner and talked about his restaurant & his photography. He built this restaurant specially for Vegan people and Cyclist. He showed us his photography on instagram. Those were really good.


ImmAim Cafe has a wide range of Salads, Sandwiches & wraps at very cheap price. From 70 Baht-100 Baht (US$ 2-3) you will get full plate of wrap with Salad, that’s enough to full you for sure. They have, Cream cheese tomato sandwich, Pita Falafel sandwich, Avocado Pita sandwich, Grilled Pesto Veggie Sandwich, Huevos Rancheros and many more. You can even make your own Burrito .
The best thing of Immaim is, Their every ingredients are garden fresh & organic . I admit, I felt the freshness in my mouth when I had it.


Not just foods, They have so many types of Drinks & shakes here. Their Ginger & Cinnamon hot tea was pure heaven & my favorite. The milk they used for it was Soya Milk, But it tastes just like normal milk. You will find ‘Special Drinks ‘ in their menu. Detox Herbal Drink, Punch mixed with pineapple, orange &  Lime, Ginger, Honey & pineapple fruit shake are few of the Special Drinks.


The downside is,  I tried Kao Pad Pesto & I didn’t like it. I even left some rice & veg on the plate. I know, Not everyone’s tastebud works the same way. The 2nd thing is, They didn’t have everything in their menu. I’ve ordered something which have Avocado in it, But, they didn’t have Avocado in their collection, so, they skipped every foods with avocado in their menu.


The interior of ImmAim is cozy & very homely. Some space was not that clean & in mid day, It’s quite hot here. So, I recommend you to visit at morning.
Update: I heard, they moved their cafe in new location nearby. It’s much more cleaner & Interior is quite good. Hope to visit them in my next trip.

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