Local Cafe at ChiangMai

If you ask someone who traveled ChiangMai,  to name one café not to miss. He or she must mention ‘local café’. It is almost at the center of ChiangMai’s most happening place called ‘think park’. If you walk into the think park the first thing that will catch your eyes is Local café, a huge 2 storied glass house near the huge banyan tree. The place filled with fairy lights that gives a vibe of holiday & festive look all the time.

The interior of this café is inspired from ChiangMai’s traditional wooden home and nicely blended with modern architecture.

Local Cafe at Think ParkThere are a lot of open space and so many seats. Choose any place and you will get the best view of outside.  Though, not all their chairs are comfy enough to sit for long time. img_3223_join


We tried few items for breakfast. They have some set menu for breakfast along with drinks costs from 175 to 200 Baht (4.8 USD to 5.5 USD ) . The taste of foods were above average but drinks were good. img_3609img_3619

img_3246img_3223_joined3We tried few of their signature items and coffees at Local Cafe. Though it’s a cafe but I’m really not that satisfied with their coffees . I don’t know why they didn’t serve coffees that hot. Whenever or wherever I order coffee I told them to serve ‘extra hot’ . But even if I asked them they served it mild hot. Other than coffees, foods are absolutely delicious. every single item they served was perfect. I specially liked one dessert item which served with a wheel slice of watermelon inbetween too crackers with whiped cream and strawberry on top.  This one is a must try there. In fact almost everyone who goes to local cafe orders this dessert.

Local cafe is the most iconic cafe in Chiang Mai.  If you won’t go there you will actually  miss many thing..

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