Fahtara’s fabulous foods

Inspired by tropical nature & Lanna (Traditional Northern Thain kingdom ) style, Fahtara has impressively cool open space to have foods and relax at the same time. This restaurant is located in 57 Wiang Kaew Road , Chiang Mai.  Beside a very quite and calm road. So, I rarely heard the sound of cars or horns. Heard birds chirping and waterwheels fountain like sounds instead. This kinds of  surroundings always makes me sleepy.  

Fahtara has a good range of coffee and tea types along with a great selection of cakes and pastries to choose from. Although I always like to have coffee over teas but the stuff here recommended us to try their premium tea ‘Heaven & Earth’. It’s Sencha Green Tea with the hint of Strawberry & Kiwi. This soury tea tastes more like strawberry flavored hot juice than tea. They serve a full kettle of it at only 150 baht (4.2 US$). It’s enough for 3 easily. Another signature drink of Fahtara is’ ‘Icepresso’ . It is actually a mocha with a scoop of vanilla bean and Swiss chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream. Price is 150 Baht (4.2 US$)

For the lunch, we had Egg Benedict and French Toast. It was quite good. Mind blown with the taste of hollandaise sauce on the top of egg, grilled ham and half fried bacon served with English muffin & fresh vegetables. The price was 180 Baht (5.1 US$)  I specifically recommending all to try French toast. It’s a toasted French baugget topped with Mango and coconut served with pure local honey from Royal project. Price was 180 Baht (5.1 US$).


Overall, This is one of a kind restaurant & cafe, That I will definitely love to go again & would love to try some other exotic famous foods here in Fahtara. If you are travelling to Chiangmai, highest chance of you to go there is to spend time relaxing and exploring their foods and Pagodas. Don’t miss this beautiful restaurant & if you are tired enough, They have a Spa, located just beside their cafe. Go for it !

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