Food Hunt 2017 : Thailand

My adventure of travel begins and ends with foods. Finding a hidden treasure of delicious Foods around places is no less adventure. And Thailand is one of my most favorite place for my hungry stomach ! Check out few of the yummy foods I loved and few of them I hated.

My month long trip began with the in-flight foods from Regent Airways. And honestly speaking, this was one of the most delicious in-flight foods I ever had. They served this burning hot and spicy Bhuna Khichuri ( Masala lentils rice ) with chicken curry served with half egg. This set of foods also included Spicy Peanuts and Firni as a desert. This is not their regular inflight items. It’s a matter of luck.

 After reaching in Bangkok, Stayed at Khaosan Road. A famous backpackers destination. At first night, Met an old friend and had the dinner at a restaurant called ‘Lotash Seed’. Perfect place to eat at cheaper price next to a crowded road at Rambuttri Alley. All the foods were delicious. Mussel with fish sauce was a bit smelly though. But the winner was the Papaya and Cashew nut (Or Peanut ? ) Salad. The price are between 120-150 THB. We had a stomach loaded with foods before the long festive weekend night at the ever sleepless Khaosan road.

Next morning, I had pretty good breakfast at the Brunch Makers . It’s a restaurant at a backpackers hostel. Foods were good . only the coffee was not up to the mark. It was maybe french press coffee (price 80-90 THB) and I am not the fan of this brewing technique. But the the crispy Quesadilla with Salad was so good. Price was 120 THB .

While I was roaming around the Sukhumvit area I saw some kind of Japanese food festival is happening in the EmQuertier mall lobby. First thing I bought was this yummy looking Japanese style Icecream. It melted too fast that I had to gulp it faster and my poor little brain froze. This icecream costed 90 Baht probably.

Okay. This one is my All time favorite ! Yes.. I am a big fan of Takoyaki. A Japanese wheat based soft snack ball filled with minced meat or Baby octopus.  The taste of buttery and creamy Takoyaki in every bite is pure delight ! Price was pretty cheap . 60 Baht only .

Bought a box of Takoyaki and brought it to the Quartier Food Hall, The huge Food court at EmQuartier Mall . Ordered Chicken Padthai and Chicken curry with rice and the lunch time spent well. I always prefer Food courts in any mall while I travel, to have quick lunch or dinner. All the food courts usually serve cheaper yet good quality foods with so many variations at once. Price range was 75 Baht to 100 Baht.

We stayed in Retroasis Hotel, Sukubhit Soi 27, a very affordable hotel in the heart of Bangkok. The complimentary breakfast here has very limited numbers of foods but enough for me. As I like to have less and light  foods at morning.

Made my own version of sandwich at the Retroasis Hotel Breakfast. This is what I always do at any hotel breakfast.

Retroasis Hotel has a small coffee shop inside the counter. And honestly that coffee was shit! Okay, I should not say shit, But not closer to what I like. It tastes like milk with a bit flavor of coffee. Not bitter, Not sweet, Nothing.

Back to my favorite place for foods. EmQuartier Mall Food Court. This time it was nothing less than a feast! Again,bought a box of Takoyaki, Tomyam chicken curry with steamed rice,another Japanese fried snacks,famous Taiwanese fried chicken of Hot star and fried crab from Crab shack.

This Fried crab was insanely yummy. It’s a must try. Super crispy, Shell less and enough amount for us. it was served with poutine. The total price was 280-300 THB .

Nothing to say about this Takoyaki. Always the best.  But this time Fried crab was the winner of the Table. Sorry Takoyaki.

The first time I tried this spicy fried chicken from very famous Taiwanese fried chicken chain Hot Star was in 2014 . It was the opening day of first Thai branch. Saw a huge queue infront of it  and stood in the line without knowing much about it. And it didn’t disappoint me . This chicken is deep fried with the spicy, sweet and garlicy flavour with the hint of dry chilli powder on it. the inside of this chicken is not over fried and tender.

Personally, I really don’t like to go to ‘Terminal 21’ Shopping Mall at Soi Sukhumvit 21. This mall is confusing and crowded . Every floor is designed in different countries theme such as San Francisco, Turkey or Japan. I didn’t find it interesting but so fake. But two thing I seriously loved are, the High-Tech Japanese Commode at toilets and their huge food court.  If you are looking for yummy foods at the cheapest price, This is the right place. I am seriously impressed with the price range here. Look at this ‘Tom Yum Goong’ ! It’s just 35 Baht only ! It was rich in flavor with proper amounts of ingredients. Most of their foods are within 20-45 Baht only. Don’t miss this place !

 While I was exhausted dealing with Malaysian Travel visa, I had this latte from an unsung roadside little cafe called, Caffe D-Oro at Sathorn Road after rushing through the visa processing . It’s very near to the embassy.Although their Latte was foamy and less worm, But the taste was so good and the cafe environment was so relaxing and cool to chill at hot humid days. The latte was only 60 baht which is rare  for mid range cafes in whole Bangkok.

 If you ask me for the recommendation for the best burger in Bangkok, It surely will be this Street Food-cart Burger shop called, ‘Daniel Thaiger’ . It’s located in, Sukhumvit Soi 30/1 Alley, Very near to theEmbassy of Philippines . Check out the burger below.

 Look at this Burger ! This mobile shot at night doesn’t do any justice of this juicy, spicy, tendery burger at all.
Oh it was a heaven in my mouth ! The Fresh fried meat, Salty Cheese, Crispy beacon and jalapeños inside fried buns was the best burger in Bangkok ! This burger costs, 200 Baht only, including Jalapeños Add on . You can even modify this burger in your way ! Don’t… Don’t miss .

 So many foods to mention as my most favorite ! But seriously.. Did you ever try this heavenly frozen Yogart from ‘Buddhi Belly’ ? Please do ! This small yogurt stall is located at the opposite side of SFW World Cineplex in Central World Shopping mall (top floor). You can have this super soft, smooth, little bit sweet & sour yogurt of Buddhi Belly, add your preferable toppings and enjoy !
I always prefer mango as topping and it’s perfect ! Nothing else needed ……. and Nothing else matter !!!

Learned about this hidden gem from my favorite Travel & Food vlogger Mark Weins and decided to give a try. The restaurant called ‘Som Tam Jay So’. Located in a residential street at Silom .
This southern Thai restaurant is so popular and so good that, I have decided to have their delicious foods whenever I will be in Bangkok. Look at the Green Papaya Salad here, rich in flavour & fresh vegetables with small crabs, The minched cat fish laab is spicy is too close to our local Bangladeshi Bhorta (hand smashed food) .

Oh Boy !!! The grilled chicken wings from Som Tam Jay So .  This spicy wings has Crispy skin outside and tender meat inside ! perfectly grilled . It’s really tough to decide, which one of their foods are the winner ! Each & Every item was super yummy !

 Oh, I am tired of telling, This is the best food, that is the best food & I can’t stop myself of telling you, this was literally the best food of all ! The flamed steamed Sea bass fish in Lime & Chilli was deleciouslyyy delicious ! The Sour mango Salad & Spicy omelet made my dinner even more delightful ! The sea bass item was pretty affordable compare to other restaurants. the whole fish was 400 baht where other restaurants may cost you 600 baht to 1000 baht . You may find these almost everywhere in Thailand, But try it from a famous restaurant just opposite of Palladium Shopping mall at Petchaburi Road . I didn’t find their name in English. It was written in Chinese, and found out that, it translates as ‘Singapore Boiled Rice’ . I’m adding the direction here.

Look at the depth of crema on the top of this coffee. It was so good ! Had this Latte from B-Story Cafe. A beautiful vintage styled cafe located in Phetchaburi, Bangkok. (Click here for the location map) This cafe is just amazing . You should at-least visit here just to experience the interior ! It surely will blow your mind !

Macha Latte from B-Story. Teddy on the top of Latte was cute but you know what , I took time and the Macha Latte got a little bit colder. And I always prefer any hot drink super hot. It was disappointing but really appreciate their effort to make their customers happy. 🙂

 Oh man ! Here’s the heavenly Mango Sticky Rice. If you don’t know much about this piece of heaven, Mango Sticky rice is a famous Thai Desert . It’s a sliced mango with Sweetened sticky rice, Mung Lentils or sesame seed on the top serves with Coconut milk.
Although I really don’t like high sweetened foods and try to consume less sugar, But I can’t resist myself from having this yummy desert !
You can find this anywhere in the street or even fency or elite Thai restaurant. But I always prefer to have it from Paragon Foodhall, A food court located in the ground floor of SIam Paragon Mall. Because, The serves good amount at only 60 Baht and the sticky rice is less sweeter than street shop.

 Another famous Thai desert is, Coconut icecream. I found this coconut shell full of icecream made of coconut milk, Coconut meat, Peanut and offcourse mango ! You have already got the idea of my huge love for mango . Right ? Why not ? I live in Bangladesh, the 2nd largest mango growing country.
Anyway. I found this desert from a open-Air food festival on the front of Central World Mall.  Although it was a temporary fest. But You may find this on the street I hope.

My next destination was in Koh Phangan Island. The Island is known for it’s famous & crazy Full Moon Party. Although, this time I didn’t go for the party and it was not even full moon. But I really love this little island. It’s so beautiful . Quite and calm. Me and my brother stayed in HaadRin beach. As it was not full moon, Hotel, foods and drinks were much cheaper. Check out this papaya salad. It was fresh and tasty. It’s from a restaurant called, My Friends restaurant. To me, It’s the best and nearest place to have delicious foods at cheaper price.

Really sorry, I’ve forgot the name of this Maxican food served with spicy fried rice and fresh vegetables and tomato pickles on top. Help me to find out the name of it, if you know and let me know in the comment please. It was savory, cheesy with loads of minched beef inside . I badly need it’s name, so that I can have it somewhere again.

Oh ! This vegetable soup ! Mild spicy and soury soup, combined with different types of vegetables made this a bowl of heaven ! Looks so fresh and healthy. I wish I could have it everyday. I could stop having junk foods. I promise ! Hahaha.

The Koh Phangan Island is very famous to Israeli people . There are so many Israeli tourists that, even the shop signs are written in hebrew beside Thai. And a lot of restaurants serves Israeli dishes.The hotel I stayed served this pan cake, fried egg and salad with feta cheese as breakfast. They siad, It’s Israeli breakfast. It was delicious . Specially that Salad with feta cheese !

 My next stop is my most favorite place ! Phuket. I can’t stop coming here again and again. every time I ask myself. Okay, this is the last time for 3 years. But I can’t . I keep on coming here every year ! Hahaha. For the last 2 years I stayed at ‘Sleep with me hotel’ . I know, the name sounds odd. but, it’s not. It’s almost a 5 star hotel at a very low price. It costs only 40 USD per night. One of a reason to stay here is it’s complementary breakfast..! Seriously.. I have never seen such huge numbers of various breakfasts in any hotel I have ever stayed. But sadly, I ended up having a very little from those. I can’t have much foods at morning.

I love to spend most of my hot humid day time in Phuket at  The coffee club. Their coffee is so good and the environment is perfect to relax with coffee and doodling on sketchbook.

 I am not fond of sweet foods but have sweet tooth when it comes to Swensen’s yummy ice-creams . My trip keeps incomplete if I don’t have their ice-cream. Try Swensen’s if you don’t . The icecream costs around 90-150 Baht on average .

It’s been a week, we are out of my country and seriously craving for some local Bangladeshi foods of closer to that. Unfortunately, there’s none. So, I decided to have the dinner from and Indian restaurant. Sadly, that was a bad idea. There are so many Indian restaurants near Bangla Road at Patong beach, Phuket. Chose one of them just randomly. It was Bombay Kitchen & lounge. Ordered Butter chicken, An unknown curry, Paratha and Basmati rice. And loved none of them.

Before leaving Phuket to catch the flight bound to Singapore, One last shot of latte is a must. This time I ordered Latte Grande. The large one. Means more time to spend at Coffee Club, Doodling and watching the morning vibe of Phuket’s most happening place and thinking when will I back to Thailand again to enjoy the food heaven on earth.

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