Rustic & Blue : The Real Rustic Experience

while I’m almost tired of seeing beautifully decorated rustic food photos on Instagram by so many ‘hipster’ photographers. I found a perfect place to try it out and have some snaps as well for Instagram. does that makes me just another hipster? I am fine with it then 😛

Rustic & blue,The restaurant I am talking about. It is located inNimmana Haeminda Road, Chiang Mai. Few blocks away from Think Park. Rustic and blue is mainly famous for it’s various collection of organic tea & garden fresh vegetables . As I am a huge coffee lover and also have a fascination for teas, I want to try their famous tea and offcourse their fresh foods.

When I enter the cafe, it was like love at first sight. The interior was so beautiful that most of the guests were busy taking photos because of its vintage, rustic and hipsterish look. You will not find a single person just concentrating on their foods. Every table is like a photography arrangement with photographers.

This cafe has also a beautifully decorated garden behind. You can enjoy your time under the trees relaxing and enjoy the nature with foods and teas. We thought it would be a good idea to seat outside . But unfortunately it was too hot and humid outside that we could not stay longer and we moved inside . Maybe evening is better to seat there.

We ordered their most popular Chocolate spiced Orange black tea. Honestly I really didn’t like that. It was very mild in taste . It has neither tea flavored nor chocolatish. It was like a sweetened and flavored hot water. But what I liked is how they serve the tea. A kettle full of tea that is enough for 3/4 people .

Unlike the tea, there foods were amazingly delicious . From the serving style to the taste it was very much satisfying.  We ordered Breakfast Pita bread, Rosy Egg Benny  and Flaxseed Cracker summer salad. Every single item was insanely fresh and healthy. They claim that they grow their own vegetables. and I have no doubt on that.

All the 3 items we ordered are delicious worth of every penny. Each item is from 195 Thai Baht (US$5.5) to 230 Thai Baht US$7 which is comparatively lower than any fine dining in Bangkok. In fact I’ve found gourmet Foods in Chiang Mai, that I can easily afford.

On the whole. Rustic & Blue was the best dining experience I had in my whole Chiang Mai trip. If you ever visit in Chiang Mai, Don’t miss it. I can assure,You won’t be disappointed .
( Oh, Except the tea. I think it’s not the fault of the tea, May be It’s not my kinda tea. )

Location Map of the Cafe:


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